From the sea, comes life...

Aqua-Tech Co. started out with marine hobbyists with a backgrounds in biology and a vision to bring captive marine ecosystems into harmony with the natural cycles of the sea. We are striving to bring the best of the Ocean and it's natural resources into your aquarium. Through careful research, experimentation, time and creative ideas, our researchers have found that balance and biodiversity are keys to the enjoyment of many desired aquarium specimens that typically flounder in the home ecosystem. Looking not only to bring forth quality products, but break the cycle of the "toilet flushed goldfish" syndrome, we have made strides in bringing live and preserved supplimental diets to fulfill the natural feed cycle of an oceanic food web.

Bringing the future home

Our somewhat simple mission has expanded to bringing the balance of the sea to more terrestrial realms. Using the earth's primary producer as a springboard, Aqua-Tech Co. participates in research, development and consultation for the use of planktonic organisms in oil production, health products, and food production. We sit at the crux of a new world of possibilities with what we are just now realizing has made our planet safe. Aqua-Tech Co. sees plankton's role taking mankind far into the future and is working to be part of the path to a balanced world.